Shirley Price Chamomile Eyecare
Shirley Price Chamomile Eyecare are used in their hundreds of thousands by people in cities worldwide to safely sooth uncomfortable eyes. Made in Hinckley UK by Shirley Price Aromatherapy Ltd.  Consumers award them 5 star review ratings for effectiveness on third party websites.

Shirley Price Chamomile Eyecare containing purified water and essential oil of chamomile is a natural eyedrop.  The combination of these oils in 1/2500 dilution with purified water has a soothing and moisturising effect on the eye.  THIS IS NOT MEDICINE and no therapeutic claims are made.  The safe, tried and tested formulation of Shirley Price Chamomile Eyecare soothes eyes and helps those suffering from environmental factors such as Computor Use, Air Conditioning and Travel. There are many consumer eyedrops on the market but Shirley Price Chamomile Eyecare have been marketed since the 1970s and have a long history of safe and effective use for 'Urban Eye' symptoms. 

Chamomile eyedrop 42 item tradepack and point of sale boxChamomile eyedrop 42 item tradepack and point of sale box
Price: £68.00
Chamomile eyedrops 600 item tradepackChamomile eyedrops 600 item tradepack
Price: £1,000.00

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